Construction Delivery

Construction Delivery

Construction Delivery


Selecting the right delivery method for any construction project reduces risk and improves the
value of cost, quality, and schedule goals. This allows the client to have additional control over
certain elements of the project and flexibility for any potential change during the project’s

At BUILDX we offer many construction delivery methods to our clients. However, every method
has its own merit depending on the project’s needs. To ensure you make the right choice for
your construction project, BUILDX will assist in light of your project’s needs and priorities by
providing intent evaluation.


Construction management at BUILDX is the foundation for every building project and the key to
its success. At BUILDX construction management is a professional service that can control a
project's time, cost, safety record, and quality by utilizing specialized project management
techniques to manage the planning, designing and construction of a project from the pre-
designing process to the closeout. Construction Management at BUILDX has an influence on
constructability, schedule, and budget as the design moves forward. This process ensures you
get a precise schedule and budget while also allowing for better communication between all
parties early in the project’s development.

Design Build at BUILDX allows the client to begin by selecting the general contractor at BUILDX
to lead the entire project, from pre-construction through completion.  In this delivery method,
the general contractor at BUILDX holds most of the responsibility and ensures your timeline,
budget, and goals are met. With everything funneling though the BUILDX contractors, the client
has a single point of responsibility eliminating disparity caused by two separate design and
construction contracts.


At BUILDX your general contractor will take control of all the construction services, including;

  • Estimating
  • Project management
  • Client communication
  • Providing materials and equipment
  • Hiring specialized subcontractors for the build

BUILDX offers general construction services in specialized scopes of construction where clients
can benefit from sophisticated management tools, expertise and in-depth knowledge about
building their projects. BUILDX leads with integrity, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.[elementor-template id=”114″]